SCV’s network analysis and development empowers communities to capitalize on their existing base of industry leaders and placemakers. By developing an understanding of what makes each regional or industrial economy unique, SCV’s experts can combine the strengths of the community with a fresh perspective on how to make those strengths stand out in an increasingly competitive national and global marketplace.


Supply Chain Visions’ economic network analysis capabilities include:

  • Strategy and Implementation Planning

  • Industrial Base Management

  • Market Diversification Support

  • Ecosystem Analysis (SWOT, Geospatial, Value Chain, Heat, Gravity, etc.)

  • Cluster Collaboration Programs

  • Advocacy Creation

  • Business Education and Advising

  • Demand Identification and Generation

SCV’s network analysis has been used around the globe build, rebuild, and shape the vision of communities. Developers from the largest government agencies to the smallest localities have turned to us to help them grow industrial bases in their towns, cities, and countries. We are the experts the experts turn to.