This briefing describes a regional supply chain mapping methodology that has proved effective for multiple Federal Organizations within the US and abroad. It serves as an overview of what Regional Supply Chain Mapping is and how it is used effectively.

Regional Supply Chain Mapping

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Supply Chain Visions is a family of set aside eligible small businesses, providing integrated solutions through high value consulting services since 2003. We align supply chain strategy and operations to support regional growth and business objectives. We execute through sound operation plans, tailored training & education, appropriate technology supported by research and policy initiatives.

We work with complex networks and are comfortable with varied themes within that context such as: supply chains, value chains, value systems, economic targeting and development, humanitarian relief and post-disaster stabilization. Our expert advice and collaborative approach helps clients promote economic development and drive integrated solutions across the network, that are strategic as well as practical, cost effective and focused on measurable improvements. Our track record demonstrates a diversity of accomplishments. We worked to improve regional value chains in Asia, the Middle East and throughout the United States. This work includes IMCP Planning projects across the US. our research into the maintenance and support of complex systems has been accepted as best practice by the United States Government. We've developed courses for the University of Tennessee and the Defense Acquisition University. Our people have been on the ground working in the United States, Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.