Logistics Innovation​​

Performance-Based Logistics and Interfirm Team Processes: AnEmpirical Investigation - Journal of

Business Logistics June 2015

Surviving in the World of Extreme Supply Chains - Supply Chain Brain Mar/Apr 2015

In Harms Way - CSCMP Quarterly Q4, 2014

DC Velocity Special Report - The Big Retrograde:  July, 2014

Mission Accomplished: An Interview with Maj. Gen. Ken Dowd: May, 2014

Delivery Drones Already Exist — And They’re Way Bigger Than Amazon’s: January, 2014

Performance Based Logistics: Innovative Supply Chain Management for Military Forces: 2014

RFID: Solving Business Problems, Not Technical One: October, 2011
Supply Without a Pilot: October, 2010
Going Green to Save Lives: May, 2010
Uncle Sam's Looking for a Few Good Bids: November, 2006 

RFID: The Future is Now: June, 2006

What it Means to be Best in Class: July, 2000

Web Usage Enables Better Supply-Chain Practices: March, 2000


Supply Chain Analysis 

The Need For an Impact Analysis: January 2016

ED Now: What Regional Supply Chain Mapping Can Do For Your Community: June, 2014

Hickory Ground Solutions Aids Tornado Recovery by Analyzing Supply Chain Mapping: December, 2013

Coming into the Country: July, 2010

A Call to Arms?: January, 2010

Danger on the High Seas: October, 2009

Mission Possible: June, 2009

Packed with Pride: April, 2009

Billion Dollar Baby: November, 2008

Road Map from the Aftermarket: October, 2008

Neither Rain nor Heat nor Sandstorm...: June, 2008

Thanks for the MRE's: June, 2007

Widen the Scope for Smart Site Selections: February, 2007

On Bullwhip in SupplyChains-Historical Review, Present Practice and Expected Future Impacts: July, 2005

Remember APS?: January, 2005

Supply Chain Management Report: February, 2004

Living in a (de)Material World: July, 2003

Cause and Effect: May, 2003

Metrics & Management: February, 2003

Chain Reaction: January, 2003

Uncertainty and the Seamless Supply Chain: July, 2002

The Manufacturer Supply Chain Survey: Annual, 2002

A Lesson from Cool Hand Luke: August, 2001


Cost-Effective Sustainment Strategy

Once Troubled C-17 Program Provides Acquisitions Lessons for Today: September 2014

Supplying Comfort: October, 2011

Eyes in the Sky: January, 2011

Performance-Based Life Cycle Product Support Strategies: October, 2010

The Myth of the Rheostat: February, 2009

Performance-Based Logistics Redefines Department of Defense Procurement: June, 2008

Performance-Based Logistics-Next Big Thing?: July, 2007

Ready for Combat: July, 2006

The Changing Landscape in Support Contracting: June, 2006

Keep Your End Customer in Sight: June, 2006

Performance-Based Logistics: The Basics and Beyond: April, 2006

It's a War of Ideas: October, 2005

Fit for Combat: June, 2005

Lessons From the Desert: November, 2004

Speed Kills: November, 2003


Economic Development

Bringing a Supply Chain Back to Life in Afghanistan - 4th Quarter 2014

Special Report: Ace says Afghanistan is the Place: October, 2013

Expeditionary Business in the 21st Century: June, 2011 

Desert Reform: October, 2008

Supply Chains Can Promote Peace: A Postscript and a Thank You Note: September, 2008

Can a Supply Chain Promote Peace?: November, 2007

With Much of Iraq Turned to Scrap a Market Heats Up: November, 2007


Strategic Communication

There is Always a Solution - Interview with Lt. Gen. Robert Ruark: October, 2014

Leadership in Times of Sequestration: An Interview with Rear Admiral Mark Heinrich: June, 2013

Into the Wild: An Interview with Brig. Gen. Kristin French: August, 2012

A New Way to Train Leaders: June, 2011

Keeping the Military Mighty: August, 2010

Detours of Duty: April, 2010

Doing What's Right: August, 2009

Snake Eater to Box Kicker: August, 2008

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