Supply Chain Visions’ business strategy and transformation capabilities include:

  • Strategic Planning

  • Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM)

  • Business Model Transformation

  • Organizational Assessment and Design

  • Business Planning Integration

  • Collaborative Supply Chain Design and Development

  • Enterprise Risk Management

Our team of global Strategists are or have been recently employed by Fortune 50 firms, the largest Nations in the world, and targeted at key small businesses in support of critical industrial base/source of supply management. Because we are practitioners first, we do not simply lecture on current practices and recommend books. We serve as mentors and coaches in developing the right strategy for each organization, not the next best strategy report to mass produce.


“What got us here, will not get us there.”  This is the most common statement we hear from out clients needing strategy alignment. Changes in culture, technology, economic interconnectedness, etc. continue to shatter legacy strategies, directly impacting readiness and/or financial performance. Our strategists include academics, thought leaders, and industry practitioners with a minimum of fifteen years in strategy development and implementation. We understand the modern economy and competitive advantages our adversaries and partners have.