Guarding against supply chain risk with small business suppliers

In the year following President Trump’s May 2017 executive order targeting industrial base security and stability, supply chain risk management has launched back into the fore in both government and industry news cycles. As usually happens with supply chain risk management, most individuals and organizations see only the emphasis on cybersecurity in the headlines and bylines announcing the order. But when taken as a whole, and combined with the anti-trafficking orders and guidelines from the administration, a more holistic approach to supply chain transparency becomes clear. 

Logistics is Invisible, Until it Isn’t...

A good logistician operates out of sight. A great one is like the Wizard of Oz, orchestrating an amazing choreography somewhere behind the curtain. The fact that great logistics and supply chain functions are generally “invisible” is also a double edged sword. Since logistics and supply chain operations are mostly “invisible,” where do you find the next generation of talent needed to run them?