The Personal Touch

In a world of AI, social media, complex marketing, complicated algorithms, etc. etc. etc. we often forget that it’s still humans connecting with us at the other end. We always hear about the need to turn back to a more Spartan way of life, and many of us dismiss it offhand as old-fashioned. But there is a nugget of practical value within that advice.

If you don’t buy the often-quacky bits about improving your mental well-being by putting down the cell phone, at least examine the potential for actual economic impact that’s nestled in there. Anecdotally, my biggest wins have come through chance, face-to-face encounters. In my wife’s small business, game-changing wholesale leads have come through little ‘a-ha!’ moments between herself and her network of friends over drinks.

Here at SCV, we strive to create those moments with our clients, our partners, and our network. We’ve modernized our digital game, but we still push each other to dive into our human network on at least a weekly basis. The great majority of our many success stories have roots in an initial in-person connection.  

Person-to-person interaction is foundational to us; it permeates through all of our projects, because we know the most meaningful success comes when we’re able to look our peers in the eye. How many other companies can really claim that?