A sense of mission

This post originally appeared on the DC Velocity blog at: https://blogs.dcvelocity.com/public_sector_logistics/2019/06/a-sense-of-mission.html

Some people have jobs.  Some have missions.  Sometimes logistics execution is the job at the heart of that mission.

It’s magic when that happens.

It’s around 11 am, and over a dozen people loiter in a church parking lot.  The delivery truck arrives from the central kitchen, and the crew breaks down the load.  The sort happens.  Manifests are checked, and the delivery vehicles are loaded.  The cross-dock operation completes.

Within 15 minutes the parking lot clears.  The delivery vehicles are on their way, fanning out across the county.  By 1 pm around one hundred and fifty deliveries happen, and seniors are sitting down to a hot lunch delivered to their home.  And there is a second cold meal in the bundle, available for dinner later in the day.

Meals on Wheels - a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization - operates in virtually every community in America to address senior hunger and isolation.  All of these logisticians are volunteers, with an unselfish passion to help their neighbors.  Amazing what can happen when you mix mission, passion, and logistics:   innovation and volunteerism to help others. 

Logistics, mission, passion.


What’s your passion?