“Getting the lowest price” is a fundamental economic principle which precedes modern economics by thousands of years. While a focus on price alone may have been effective for Silk Road merchants, it is an inefficient basis for making decisions about complex items which will be in use for many years. Our team of experts use leading edge analytics and insights from program managers with decades of experience to assess, redesign, and support the management of sustainment efforts for complex programs around the world.


Supply Chain Visions’ lifecycle sustainment capabilities include:

  • Performance Based Logistics Program Support

  • Lifecycle Sustainment Education

  • Sustainability Metrics Development

  • Supply Chain and Collaboration Strategy

  • Product Support Strategy

  • Sustainment Risk Mitigation

  • Total Cost of Ownership Analysis

Supply Chain Vision's experience includes supporting and working with program management and buying officials at a variety of nations and companies, both in emerging and established markets in the U.S. and abroad. We have developed governing principles for sustainment and total lifecycle cost management. Our experts educated thousands of professionals in how to use the tools which apply those principles, and developed and delivered practical application exercises and post-training coaching as the participants apply their new skills in real world practice.