We help prime contractors shine and clients succeed.

Supply Chain Visions is a family of set aside eligible small businesses, providing integrated solutions through high value consulting services.

Our consultants are strategists, planners, logisticians, operators, scientists, trainers, and educators with a strong presence across both public sector and commercial industries. Our expert advice and collaborative approach help clients promote economic development and drive supply chain solutions that are strategic as well as practical, cost effective and focused on measurable improvements.

Our staff has global experience and we are willing to go when and where required. Some people think global means junkets to Western Europe. We understand that sometimes global means environments like Iraq, Afghanistan, or the Horn of Africa.

Our people have been published or quoted in dozens of articles and books on supply chain management and defense. We are frequent speakers at industry conferences and universities.

We are supply chain visionaries.

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We help prime contractors shine and clients succeed.

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